Why Protein Powders Are Becoming So Popular?

Protein powders these days have become so popular that you can see stores selling only them in every nook and corner of your neighbourhood market. It indicates their ever increasing demand, most of which is fulfilled through online selling, the latest medium of shopping for all your day-to-day needs. For body-builders, these protein-rich powders have become a must to take through pre-assorted instant protein shakes, available in many stores. But are they just for body builders, or they are equally good for routine-following athletes and fitness-conscious people as well.

Importance of Taking Protein Powder

If we consider the opinion of a specialist, for instance, Carole Conn, PhD, associate professor of nutrition at the University of New Mexico, he says that they are an easy and convenient source of complete, high-quality protein. His views need to be taken note of that protein-rich powders are ready-to-eat sources of protein, which makes them easy and comfy source of your total quality protein needs. Here comes the role of our sedentary life style; we have become habitual of eating served food due to lack of time in preparing protein-rich food in our kitchens. Generally most of the people, even athletes, depend on and fulfil all their quality protein needs from lean protein like meat, fish, chicken and dairy products. Does it mean that we should avoid protein supplements? Actually not!

Specific Case Categories Recommended to Take These Supplements

According to Barbara Lewin, a dietitian and sports nutritionist, you may require higher dozes of protein in certain situations, say if you are a teenager, growing in age, your protein needs are above average to recharge your workouts. Another situation demanding more protein intake is when you are new to a muscle-building programme, for instance; your protein needs will increase, depending on the programme regime. Similarly, when you are going an extra mile, opting for a marathon run, putting a temporary hold on your half-an-hour work-out regime on alternate days of the week, your protein intake needs will increase. In the case of vegan people who depend totally on a vegan or vegetarian diet, they are unable to take protein-rich foods like meat, chicken and fish and in certain cases dairy products and eggs also. Such communities may need protein supplements.

There may be a number of genuine reasons of taking healthy protein supplements, as stated above but precaution is required in taking them in right quantities. Not much protein is required to attain your body-building goals. A body-builder may require 10 to 14 extra grams of protein in a day to add another pound of muscle. You can guess, it’s a reasonable amount. Some protein servings contain 80 grams of protein powder, which is unnecessary; it can have negative effect on your kidney and liver. Rather than taking protein in powder form in such big measures, it is advised to take a glass of chocolate milk for recovery from drained energy after workouts. It is best to replace your snack or meal across the day with protein supplements but not exactly after workouts. Always remember that there is no substitute to a routine healthy diet.