The Popularity of the Med Spa

As we grow, our bodies change, as does the way we desire to appear. Some of us want less body hair. Others of us suffer from acne. Others can’t seem to lose that pesky stomach fat. These situations are embarrassing and can cause undue stress. Many people will try creams and waxing to rid themselves of excess hair. Some people will stress their skin out by using harsh chemicals and a cocktail of cleaning products that don’t always work.

The solution to all of these problems is to visit a medical spa. Med spas are a wonderful blend of relaxation and medical procedures to help you relax and sculpt your body to what you always desired. The staff body at a med spa includes massage therapists, estheticians, certified clinical medical assistants and licensed doctors. Each of these professionals is there to provide you with your desired treatment while they pamper you.

Med spas are becoming more and more popular because of the combined aesthetics. Being able to receive medical treatments without the cold, harsh environment of a traditional medical office is highly desired. Men and women alike are able to get their bodies molded and shaped as they have always wanted to see them.

The Beauty of Botox

One treatment offered is Botox. Botox’s benefits include diminishing wrinkles, headache relief and it can give you a lift without prescription drugs or major surgery. Wrinkle fillers are also commonly offered, bringing new life to sagging skin or making small, tight lips plump. All forms of skin care are available at a med spa. The estheticians are there to help you diminish acne, make your pores smaller and remove dead skin to bring your natural glow back.

Another major problem that many people deal with is excess hair. Men often wish that their chests and backs weren’t as hairy. Women wish that their eyebrows weren’t as thick or that the hair on their upper lip would disappear. These problems are frustrating, and shaving and waxing can become tedious, painful, and expensive. A wonderful solution to this problem is electrolysis. Med spas will commonly have an electrologist on staff to help you remove unwanted body hair.

Electrolysis is a laser therapy that is done through repeated sessions and will ultimately provide permanent hair removal without the need for waxes and creams. Electrolysis also eliminates the fear of scarring from razors or pain and possible infection from waxing. Undergoing electrolysis is often described as creating a warm feeling under the skin.

Med spas will also commonly offer procedures such as liposuction. One such procedure, called Smart Lipo, can help you melt those unwanted pounds right off. Virtually pain free, the best part is that you can stay awake to watch the doctor do his work. Smart Lipo is done through small incisions and the use of fiber optic threads and suction.

Med spas are a great way to save you from future pain, further embarrassment, and continuous frustration. Schedule your appointment today!