Harmful To Your Health – Why You Need To Throw Away Your Shampoo!

Do you still think that when you massage your shampoo onto your head and you create foamy, lathery suds that you are cleaning and nourishing your hair? You need to know how bad and unhealthy this actually is for you, even dangerous.

Most shampoos are made using sulfates. Sulfates are chemicals that are cheap to produce, are easy to get, and they are very good at dissolving oil and dirt. Sulfates are what create the foamy suds on your head that we incorrectly interpret to mean clean. When studies were conducted testing the most commonly used sulfate and sodium laryl sulfate (SLS) – a main ingredient in most shampoos on animals, the studies showed brain and nervous system effects in even moderate doses. The studies also discovered that sulfate sodium laryls SLS disrupts our hormones, damages our reproductive system and increases our risk of cancer.

Ever get shampoo in your eyes? It doesn’t feel so good. This is because the SLS irritates them. Get some in your mouth? It also irritates your lungs. Whatever we put on our bodies get’s absorbed into our bodies in 20 seconds! So every time you wash your hair with drugstore or salon shampoo, the sulfur is getting inside your central nervous system and to you organs. And whatever isn’t absorbed into your body through your skin then gets washed down the drain and into our rivers and lakes, which causes damage to our aquatic life.

Sodium laryl sulphate is considered a probable human carcinogen by the US Environment Agency. “This product (shampoos with SLS) contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.” And don’t be fooled by grocery store “natural” “organic” brand shampoos, such as, Avalon, Abla, Jason, Givvanni, Ecco, Bella Nature’s Gate, and Kiss My Faee as of 2009 they reformatted their products so that the levels of carcinogens are not detectable, but they still contain way too many questionable synthetics such as cocumide <ea, cylopentasiloxane=”” and=”” oxybenzone=”” -=”” bad=”” stuff!<=”” p=””></ea,>

Here are some shampooing tips:

When you are looking for a shampoo that isn’t going to give you cancer or leech chemicals into your body. Look for shampoos (body washes and bars of soaps) without the letters ETHS or PEGS (polyethylene glycol) and these other bad boys (found in 80% of over 12,000 products surveyed by the David Suzuki Foundation) BHA and BHT DEA, Formaldehyde, Oxbenzone, Palm Oil, Parabens, Perfume/Fragrance, Mineral Oil, PDD, Phthalates, Retinyl palmitale, siloxanes, Sodium laureth sulphate and Triclosan/triclocaran.

Don’t’ fall for fluff words like “natural” and “organic”. I noticed the other day that some “natural” shampoo brands are now advertising that they are free of Sodium Chloride. Ooo, impressive they have removed table salt! Instead of doing the hard job, the right thing, and removing the dangerous chemicals. They are removing salt so they can say “Free” of SOMETHING!

Many people say that when they switch to “natural” products their hair isn’t as manageable. This is where Botanical shampoos are the answer baby!