Fue Hair Transplant: A Renowned Technique for Restoration of Hair

There is nothing more embarrassing than the having a bald patch in the middle of the head. The situation is even more pathetic in the case of women. When you start losing hair at regular intervals then it is best to see the cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible. The doctor will be able to detect the main reason of hair loss.

There are many reasons which can be responsible for the loss of hair. The first issue can be related to internal problems. The second issue may be associated with the hectic lifestyle. Due to lack of rest and proper diet, the hair follicles become weak and fall off. If you want to keep this problem at bay then it is better to take care of yourself.

An overview of the process of Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is known as Follicular Unit Extraction. The FUE hair transplant is an extracting process by which the follicle from the backside of the scalp are taken and placed on the bald region. In this process, the donor’s follicle is extracted from the chosen region of the scalp and then transplanted in the form of a follicular unit on the bald area.

In this technique, the specialist will make a circular incision on the area of the scalp. This will help them in extraction of the healthy follicles. Then these follicles are transferred to the areas, which are devoid of locks. The specialist will conduct some tests on the scalp to ensure whether this will work or not. As the treatment requires many sittings, the patient needs to visit the doctor at regular intervals.

The FUE hair transplant is one of the most advanced and modern techniques of treating these restoration issues. The popularity of this system has increased over several years.

Why the popularity of G-Factor-FUE is growing?

This is a more highly scientific technique of follicle transplant as it involves the method of separating the growth factors from the bloodstream. It is then reinserted into the chosen area during operation. This is a clinically proven and tested technique. Therefore, it has brought positive results for patients who have willingly taken up this procedure for restoring their hair and eradicating the baldness. This is the best technique that will save you from the humiliation of sporting a bald look in public.

In this kind of regeneration, the cells are extracted from an individual’s body and then it is injected into the scalp to harvest and activate the passive cells. Some of the factors that make this one of the profound techniques of treatment are as follows:

  • The regeneration takes place with improved quality and texture of the newly grown follicles.
  • It enhances the volume as well.
  • The growth shall take place within a period of 3 to 4 weeks.
  • The consistent sessions can result in bringing natural and prolonged results.