What To Know About Buying Used Equipment And Machinery Online

Why buy second hand machinery?

· The main cause supporting the purchase of used equipment and machinery is the cost saving. Saving 50-75 percent of the original cost is almost always possible. Many large manufacturers worldwide are using used equipment.

· Used equipment is usually available immediately. The delivery is made as soon as the payment comes in, which is not the case in new equipment. Sometimes there is a lead period of 6-8 months before the machinery can be delivered.

What kind of used equipment is popular?

· Process and packaging equipment,

· Printing equipment – like the latest 3d printers

· Industrial equipment like tanks, generators, welders, compressors etc.

· Pumps

· Tools like tool boxes, cutting disks, grinders, power tools

· Ancillary equipment like battery chargers and battery testers.

· Components and Accessories like sensors, connectors etc.

From where can one source used machinery

· Private sale – One can go through the listings, scour newspapers

· Used equipment dealers – they showcase sellers products

· Used equipment brokers – will use their industry knowledge and connections to find a seller who has the product you are looking for.

· Unreserved auctions – without a reserve price

· Reserved auctions – where a reserve price is fixed

Some Tips for buying used machinery

· One should always test the equipment if possible. If the website is guaranteeing the quality of the vendor and his goods, which they do after research, then it is alright.

· Buy the right aged equipment. Machines which are between three and eight years will be good. Older than that, the market sees them as less valuable.

· Find out if the used equipment company has worked under a different name before. If it has, this is a danger sign. Many dishonest companies take advantage of gullible customers again and again.

· Request contact information of the seller and ask him for references.

· Ask how the company deals with any problems and whether they provide a guarantee.

· Examine the return policy

· Only very experienced buyers should participate in auctions.

What are the special points to be taken care of in an auction?

· Read the general terms and conditions of the auction put out by the dealer or auction house

· Conduct an inspection as equipment sold in auction is under ‘as is where is’ condition, with no warranties

· Check the location of the equipment and factor in the cost of transporting it to your premises, as usually it is at the seller’s premise.

· In case you are importing it, as the buyer, you are considered the exporter and have to comply with the export laws of that country and import laws of your own country.

How does buying used equipment from a third party without the hassle of an auction work?

· Locate a website that buys and sells used equipment

· Look for the category or search for the specific item

· You can compare prices and specifications

· Clarify any doubts you may have with the website

· Arrange the payment.

· Once the payment goes through, your product will be shipped.