Ido Fishman Says Starting with an Intense Exercise Routine Will Do More Harm than Good

Why do you want to exercise? Why are you thinking about working out? Do you have friends who have been pushing you to go to a gym? Or did you start feeling that you were not relevant anymore and started exercising because you wanted to be a part of the “conversation”? The best mindset for exercising is to improve your lifestyle and benefit mentally and physically. Any other thoughts are just distractions.

The most important thing to know here, as per Ido Fishman, is to start in a proper manner. The moment you start exercising vigorously right from the beginning, you will lose your direction. In other words, you will not be able to achieve your fitness goals at all. He goes in further details by mentioning a variety of points. Let’s take a look at the three most important points from him.

You’ll Lose Motivation

That’s quite an obvious point but a lot of people completely overlook it. They know starting out too hard will not be helpful for them, but it’s the greed of reaching their goals fast that makes them take the wrong steps and ignore important things. So, when you start exercising or working out, the biggest challenge you will face is of organization and consistency. Working out to stay fit is not difficult at all. Working out consistently to stay fit forever is what makes things really tricky for most people. When you make a hard start, you end up losing motivation right away.

The loss of motivation comes from the fact that you have to put in an enormous amount of energy into your workouts. As a result, when you have to exercise again, you can’t muster up the courage and energy to do it.

You’ll Injure Yourself

This is the thing that hurts most of the people who make a wrong start in the world of fitness. So, the problem is that you want to exercise to stay fit. However, exercising too much can weaken certain parts of your body. Think about running several miles every day right from day one. You are putting a lot of weight on your body. When you land your foot on the ground while running, you put a weight of several kilograms on your joints. When you work out too much, you will feel your joints hurting. If you keep working out still, you will end up with hurt, wounded, and swollen joints.

Keep in mind that if you have started working out after several years of a sedentary lifestyle, you want to take a slow start. Starting too fast can result in you making mistakes and causing yourself more harm than good.

You’ll Not Learn the New Lifestyle

As per the coaches and physical trainers working for Ido Fishman fitness programs, when you start working out or doing any fitness routines, you are learning a new lifestyle. An exercise is not just something that you have to do for a few days. You have to make exercising, working out, and eating a balanced diet a part of your life. It will only make sense to you when you do these things slowly. Ido Fishman believes that when you exercise too hard and work out too much, you achieve these results fast. As a result, you don’t learn your new routine as a lifestyle.

Think about a singer that gains overnight fame with one song. On the other hand, compare them to an artist who has spent their life serving the industry. So, be the horse in the long-term race.

Final Thoughts

Feeling too motivated and passionate about a new lifestyle can definitely overcome anyone’s senses. However, you have to know that keeping your senses will help you find the right direction as you start the journey of becoming a mentally and physically better person. It’s best that you include someone with you in this journey to help you stay motivated and make you feel accountable for your progress.

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