Vaser Lipo Treatment Can Give You Your Ideal Body Shape

From an early age we have an unrealistic sense of what we suppose the perfect body should look like, when as children, we are given toys like Barbie and Action Man dolls. This carries on into the teenage years, when most people on television, films and music videos for their age groups, have perfect faces and bodies.

The body shape that is now classed as ‘the body to strive for’, hasn’t always been the considered ideal body shape. The idea of the ideal body shape has changed over the years:

  • In the 1900’s, the fashion was for women to have a large bust and a wasp-waist, achieved with tightly laced corsets.
  • The 1920’s saw boyish figures emerge, with small breasts and non-existent curves becoming fashionable.
  • With the outbreak of war in 1939, with rationing and less food around to eat; although people were lean, a healthy well-fed body shape became the ideal.
  • By the 1950’s, the wasp-waist look had returned and a tiny waist and exaggerated hips, became the fashion.
  • The mid 1960’s saw the world introduced to the waif. The women of this era copied the tiny waist, non-existent bust and skinny silhouette.
  • A long and lean body shape was the ideal look for the 1970’s, with it changing to a more athletic look in the 80’s.
  • The 1990’s decade saw the return of the waif, straight up and down and no bust.
  • The long and lean shape returned in the new century, with more of a focus on bigger breasts.
  • Today, we are back with the curvaceous shape with a shapely bottom, substantial bust and a flat toned tummy.

Whatever the current body shape trend, it’s impossible for us to all look the same. We are all different builds and we all have our own body shape:

Hourglass – This shape has a well-proportioned upper and lower body, with a narrow waist. Hourglass women are more inclined to gain weight all over the body and in particular the chest and hips area.

Pear – these have small upper bodies and bigger lower bodies. The hips are a bit wider than the shoulders and weight tends to settle below the waist.

Apple – Women with apple shapes have slim hips, a large chest and stomach and they are bigger on the top half of their bodies than the lower half.

Straight/ Ruler – Ruler shaped women have no significant differences between the size of their hips, waist and shoulders. Any weight gain is on their stomach and bottom.

Even though we keep the fundamental shape we were born with, a healthy diet and regular exercise are still the key points to losing excess body fat and maintaining good health. If any fat remains after this, there is vaser lipo, which will take away stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t shift.

You may not have the shape you wish for, but vaser lipo could help you shape your body into a shape you will love.