Vaser Lipo, Mid-Def and Hi-Def for Contouring and Streamlining the Body

There are different forms of vaser lipo; the regular vaser option, vaser hi-def and vaser mid-def. The standard vaser lipo provides the foundation for all the other vaser treatments and is most effective eliminating stubborn pockets of fat you can’t lose, despite eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

Small or medium amounts of fat removal are best suited for a vaser procedure. It’s better if you are near, or at your ideal weight and just need pockets of fat taking away. Although vaser removes fat cells, it isn’t a method for weight-loss, more a body contouring method which can sculpt most areas of the face and body. Once the fat cells get suctioned out, they are gone permanently, however, not every single cell gets removed, and the remaining cells do have the potential to grow, so the need to eat healthily and exercise is still important, if you want to keep your new shape.

Vaser mid-def is usually for women who want a defined, athletic look. Women have this procedure for toning the tummy, hips, thighs and bottom, to improve muscle tone and add definition or maybe to achieve an hourglass shape to the waist and hips.

For a more athletic appearance we use vaser hi-def which allows the sculpting, defining and toning of certain areas on the body. Definition achieved from this technique is ideal for areas such as the abdomen, back, thighs and the arms which already have some toned muscle underneath.

The vaser hi-def procedure helps to create a more sculpted, athletic appearance than you would get using standard vaser, as it removes both superficial and deep fat that sits directly on the muscles, making the underlying musculature more visible. The hi-def procedure is an advanced body sculpting technique, and its precise nature is popular with those who want six-pack abs or toned, defined pecs.

Men have vaser hi-def to trim down love handles, to define the six-pack, creating the much sought-after washboard abs or to sculpt a muscular chest. The best results of vaser hi-def lipo are usually seen after a couple of weeks, and the treated areas should keep their sculptured appearance, for as long as you maintain your weight.

Vaser lipo uses very thin, solid probes. At the start of the procedure, the area you want treated gets injected with local anaesthetic via very tiny and carefully made incisions. We then deliver the ultrasound by using vaser probes to break up and emulsify the fat. The liquefied fat gets removed by a tiny vaser cannula.

During vaser treatment, most patients experience minimal pain. Afterwards you might feel discomfort and this would be due to temporary post-operative swelling and bruising, which most patients find manageable with normal pain relief medication.

Vaser lipo can leave scars, but they are usually very small. The incisions made for the probes to enter are tiny, making any possible scars, also very tiny. When possible, the doctor will place the incision into the body’s natural creases, disguising any scarring that might be caused. On most people, this incision scar will fade or else it will become invisible over time, depending on each person’s reaction to scarring.

The results of a vaser lipo procedure, when you combine it with a healthy diet with a lifestyle, are permanent and can last a lifetime.