11 Most Common Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgeries are not only for those featuring in those glossy magazines. They are also for those who look into the mirror and feel the need to change something that is either out of place, deformed or damaged – some part that is completely lowering their confidence levels.

Well, here are a few most common plastic surgeries:


Liposuction is basically the removal of the excess fat deposits by using a tube that is inserted beneath the skin. A vacuum like device is used to suck out the fat. This procedure is most commonly performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms. Recovery time is usually about six weeks.


This procedure is most commonly called as a nose job. The nose is reshaped to make it either bigger, smaller or to narrow the span between the nostrils or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Breast augmentation

This procedure is used to enlarge or give a proper shape to breasts by using saline or silicone filled implants. This surgery requires only a few days of recovery and is very popular among women.

Eye lid surgery

Drooping upper eye lids or sagging lower eye lids can be corrected with this surgery technically termed as blepharoplasty. The bags below the eyes are corrected by removing the extra fat, muscle or skin. Recovery time for this surgery is about a week to ten days.

Tummy tuck

The abdomen is flattened and the extra fat and skin are removed. The abdominal muscles are then tightened. Patients need around two to six weeks to completely recover.

Face lift

The excess fat is removed and muscles are tightened and the skin is redraped. The ultimate result is a tighter skin on the face and neck. Exposure to the sun must be avoided for several weeks after this surgery.


In this procedure, the surgeon uses a high speed rotating device to scrape away the top layers of the skin leaving the softer and newer layers. The wrinkles and facial blemishes are practically rubbed out. Again, the recovery time is around two to six weeks.

Forehead lift

The lines and droops on the forehead are straightened out by removing tissue and tightening the skin and the muscles. This procedure takes one to three weeks to recover.

Hair transplantation

Hair from other parts of the scalp – are very conveniently grafted to the bald areas. Over eighteen months are required to restore the hair completely.

Ear surgery

Very large ears or those that stick out from the forehead can be restored to position. The skin or cartilage of the ear is removed and the ear is bent to bring it closer to the head. The head is then bandaged and stitches are usually removed after a week.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation gives your face a sense of proportion. It includes inserting an implant or changing the shape of the chin altogether.

If you have ever wondered how to correct some part of the face, tummy or arm etc. plastic surgery definitely has a number of options to help you restore your physical beauty as well as your self esteem and confidence.