Increased Cases of Pre-Pregnancy Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by women during pregnancy. Every 2 out of 5 pregnant women experience back pain at some stage. However, the pain can’t be absolutely avoided; you can surely prevent it from getting worse and ease the discomfort.

What Causes Back Pain during Pregnancy?

Our joints and bones are connected with tissues called ligaments. During pregnancy, the hormone called ‘Relaxin’ tends to loosen the ligaments. This generally occurs early on as the level of relaxin is at peak during 10-14 weeks of pregnancy. A woman is most likely to have lower back pain in the first trimester.

During the second and third trimester, the expanding womb and the weight of the fetus further puts stain on your back muscles and ligaments. This pain may even be worse if you are overweight.

Pre-pregnancy back pain may make the following difficult:

  1. turning over in the bed
  2. getting up after sitting for sometime
  3. lifting and carrying small weights
  4. walking for a long time
  5. dressing and undressing

Symptoms of Pre Pregnancy Back Problem

During pregnancy, a woman is most likely to feel pain at the point which joins the lower back to the pelvis. A number of times, this pain is easily confused with pelvic pain. The main difference between the two categories of pain is as follows:

Pelvic Pain

This pain occurs due to loose joints in your pelvis. You feel the pain at the back of your pelvis, at a joint between the bottom bone in the spine and the hip bone. This joint is known as Sacroiliac joint. The pain may come and go and may be shooting, burning, dull or stabbing.

Lower Back Pain

This is a kind of dull pain that you feel when you bend forward. Lower back pain restricts your ability to move the lower section of your spine. When pressed, certain muscles may hurt.

When you go to a spine physiotherapist, she will analyze whether you have lower back pain or pelvic pain or a combination of both. Based on her analysis, she will create physiotherapy sessions for you.

Can I Prevent Pain in the Back during Pre-Pregnancy?

The best way of ‘trying’ to avoid the pain is by working on your posture and fitness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly may help in protect you from pain during your pregnancy period. If you are not used to exercising, start at a slow pace.

It is essential to watch your back whenever you lift something heavy. Try to bend your knees rather than your back, while doing so.

If you are already suffering from pain, you can seek a doctor for back-pain treatment. There are a number of spine physiotherapists who can assist you in getting rid of such problems.