Does Back Pain Ever Go Away?

Sometimes it seems that your back pain will never go away. You have tried all the treatments from rest to physical therapy, even surgery, but the pain lingers. Sure some days are better than others. There are days when there is no pain and then days when the pain just makes you want to lie in bed. Is there any sure fire way to back pain go away and never return?

Well the short answer is no! I say this based on my own experience and research. The back is a complex system of vertebra, disc, nerves, spinal column, muscles and ligaments. Keep all this properly aligned relies on many factors. Below are four of the biggest factors.

  1. Weight: Even an extra five pounds of weight can put enormous strain on your back, especially if it’s around the middle an area where most men gain weight.
  2. Lack of Exercise: Keeping the weight off goes hand in hand with exercise. We are a sedentary people. Humans were not meant to sit all day. Are bodies were designed to be on the move.
  3. Improper lifting: We all know or should know the proper way to lift. Heck many boxes have illustrations and instructions on how to lift, but do we pay attention?
  4. Weekends: Who does not love the weekends? It is a chance to relax and maybe get outside and do some yard work or play golf. But wait a minute, you have been sitting on your duff all week and now you put a strain on your body. A body that is out of shape and you get a backache. What did you expect?

So if you are suffering from back pain how can you expect it to go away if you fall into one or more of the above factors? Popping a few pain pills or even having therapy and/or surgery may reduce or eliminate the pain for the time being. But unless you seriously look at the reasons for the pain happening in the first place and address the source of your back problem the pain and discomfort will return.

The only real solution is to aggressively deal with the issues that are causing the problem. If it is being overweight than a diet and exercise program is in order. Some people have the discipline to go on a diet by themselves, but others need a more structured approach. Remember unless the change in diet is one that you can maintain after losing a few pounds, chances are you will just gain back those pounds.

If I have learned anything from my own journey it is this: Knowing what works for me and adapting a life style that helps me maintain my ideal weight and muscle tone takes time and dedication. Also knowing what triggers my pain things such as shoveling snow and raking leaves means I approach these tasks aware of the proper technique and my own limitations.

Yes I still get some back pain from time to time. Usually when I overdo it and or lay off my exercises. But based on my experience with my back and the knowledge I have gained over the years I also know what I have to do to eliminate the pain. Wanting to live an active life, I accept the fact that my back will act up once in a while, but I now know how to ease the pain and go on with my life.